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Highly Recommended pages true story's and life experiences all the people behind these sites have put years of dedication in to there music and projects.

Musical Pearls

Musical Pearls is a collection of diverse, real-life experiences with each story set against its own individual musical background and each with a connection to North East England. I hope you find the stories interesting and enjoy browsing through them. I also hope you enjoy the music. It covers many genres and styles and is all totally original. The music is not in the public domain and is unique to this website and, therefore, not available elsewhere on the internet. If you would like a copy of any of the music, I have made it available for download, complete with story, lyrics and sheet music.

Musical Juice

We are an indie rock band from North East England. We compose original songs that have a story to tell. Our music is heavy with strong melody lines and close vocal harmonies. We have been around since the early underground rock movement and despite the pressures of being independent, we have always refused to sell our souls to the corporate music industry. In recent years, the internet has turned the business upside down. The record companies have finally lost their stranglehold and we are now able to operate freely without the fear of being blacklisted. We have a huge selection of old and new material and are currently busy putting albums together. JUICE are back, but then we never really went away

Geordie Rock

Geordie Rock is a site dedicated to showcasing some great musicians and composers from North East England. Writers and performers that are driven by a dedication to their craft and a love of music and fiercely proud of there local heratage.

This Side Of Life

Country rock band in maximum security prison. We are all victims of circumstance. Website Bandcamp

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