Around The World



A selection of people from round the world who all deserve recognition for the music they produce.

All the people on this list have amazed me with the material and content.

This section is dedicated to those people.


Raymond Scully

Virginia Beach, United States

I love music and writing/playing, and if people like what I do...well that's the bonus.


Ray never fails to amaze me with his songs,a wide variaty of styles come together with great effect.

Ray and his brother also work together on song's Jimmy Scully writes while on his travels at sea.

The Scully brothers sound cloud page's can be found by clicking on Rays picture


Mulholland Falkirk Scotland

Your support is greatly appreciated and inspires and lightens up my day.



KIrk and his unique style of folk music make's sure he stands out from the crowd. Guitar,Vocals and harmonica all come together to give him an original edge on things.

follow the links to hear some great original music from KT.




Who the hell is Imre Lodbrog? Somebody said, "He's like Serge Gainsbourg on 'shrooms."


This guy has a vast collection that covers all styles,his songs are very addictive and not for the faint hearted.

When i start to listen to his tunes it very hard to stop.


Take a look for yourself.

Peter Wheeler Montreal


May the "Rock" be with you.





 Peter proves you can teach a old dog new tricks aged 63 in 2007 he started playing the guitar,seven years on he has some great tunes which are a great add to any CD collection mine included.



visit Peters site to pick up some great music


Xavier Rudd

Australian singer/one man band.

This guys music hits the spot every time,

Albums White Moth,Food in the belly,Solace,To Let and Spirit Bird all incorporate socially conscious theams, Spirituality, humanity,environmentalism. Playing over 19 instruments gives him some great tunes that can be enjoyed for years.

John Lesley and The Sawdustjacks


These guys  bring to life local history from the North East of England in a very special way.

Songs from Newcastle, Northumberland and many other local towns tell a tale of a past life and the highs and lows of the  people who lived and died through these times. Tributes to Grace Darling,George Stevenson and many others ring out loud and clear in all there songs. Take a trip to a time gone by follow the link tou there Youtube page.

  Musica-Lee Enjoy The Music